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Community Healing Saturdays

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Community Healing Saturdays Saturday, May 11, 2024. 1:30pm - 3:30pm - Slots are limited. Message us for inquiries! Donation: 500.00 Venue: The Healing House at Palma Call Us for more info.            

Sound & Spirit

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Sound & Spirit with Bambie Carlos Racelis and Ana de Borja Araneta For those who nurture others or to nurture yourself. This special May session soothes and empowers, reinvigorates your heart space. Join Bambie and Ana as they lead you through a very relaxing morning. Allow the singing bowls and reiki to raise your vibration […]

Self-Emotional Resolution Technique

Via Zoom. Message us for details.

Self-Emotional Resolution Technique Learn to resolve your own emotion with Cynthia Syjueco Gain an understanding of what trauma is, how emotions are formed and how they operate in our daily lives. We normally cope with uncomfortable emotions and triggers by breathing, meditating, or thinking it through. But by coping, we are continually retriggered. Learn how […]

Reiki Share Day – Your Perfect Mid-Week Break

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Reiki Share Day - Your Perfect Mid-Week Break Tuesday, June 4, half-hour slots between 430pm and 8pm. P750 per person. Reiki is helpful in so many aspects of our lives: physically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually. We all need that energetic infusion that comes from the Universal Life Force that is Reiki. Join the Gendai Masters in […]

The Archetypal Child: A Hidden Power Child

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The Archetypal Child: A Hidden Power Child Dido G. Villasor, PhD A hybrid class, with limited seats for attendance in person. Message 0966 205 7303 to reserve. The child you were is part of your nature and is the beginning of your entire experience as a person. The child you were still stands up and […]

Angel Whispers

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Angel Whispers Lia Bernardo Many of us instinctively speak to our angels, but we oftentimes don't hear their replies. Lia Bernardo guides us through the process with her own experiences and practical methods. Life is made lighter and brighter when we listen to these heavenly guides. June 20, 2024, Thursday, 10am to 3pm A Card […]

Soul Contracts

The Healing House @ Palma

We all have Soul Contracts. All our relationships, whether romantic, professional, familial, casual or friendly are based on our soul's contracts.

It is a fact that the quality of our relationships is directly connected to our happiness. Understand why some relationships are easy, while some are based on conflict and struggle. Let's explore and reveal our soul contracts and move towards harmony and transformation.

Sound and Spirit

The Healing House @ Palma

Those who have experienced the healing tones of crystal singing bowls combined with Reiki say that it feels like getting a full body massage.

Some days, you just need a break from all the hustle and bustle. That perfect mid-year boost is right here for you. Join Bambie and Ana as they lead you through a very chill and relaxing morning. Allow the singing bowls and Reiki to raise your vibration as we enter the last half of 2024.

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